Le Journal No.2 : So...What's Next

I was questioning myself, what should I expect for the future of fashion? Due to the overexposure of everything in our daily life (well, thanks to the technology), high fashion in 21st Century is no longer just for those Bourgeois/ Bourgeoisie, which means now we still have the difference between high-Street and high fashion, but the boundary has blurred.

Versace -- Kaia.jpg

High fashion becomes rather approachable with a limit of age; you will probably see an 11-old-girl wearing Dolce & Gabbana head to toe with a Chanel backpack attend the school, post classy pictures on Instagram to maker her statement. Or in the department store, you'll see a teenage girl tries to convince her parents for a pair of Manolo shoes. Fashion seems to becomes less exclusive yet much more desirable for people of all ages because of the brain-wash like adverts, promotions, and social media boosts. The fashion in 21st Century, from my interpretation, it’s a sugar-coated business game instead of creating another legend. 

The creative direction of a brand is much more crucial than ever ------ the consumers ( including me ), are much harder to please. We, the new generation ( some people call us Millennium, but I think it's too cliché to mention)
are the witnesses of the change in this business of fashion: Young or die, change or fail, what's more, important for a new collection is whether the youth market is willing to pay for those newly designed house legacy:
The " New Look " in 21 century by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new DIOR font, the subcultural way of BALENCIAGA expression; furthermore, a neutralised GIVENCHY SS18 collection by Clare Wright Keller. Alessandro Michele is still playing a game of extravagance, regardless so many other brands are trying so hard to be cool and stay minimal, GUCCI is the only one that doesn't stand for modernism, but more about celebrating the glamorous fashion history throughout the recent collections, Reminiscent.

                                               Dior 2018 Haute Couture is an adventure in a surreal land.

                                               Dior 2018 Haute Couture is an adventure in a surreal land.

Gucci SS18 Campaign is a perfect combination of the oil painting and Alessandro's extravagant, flamboyant design.

Versace 18.jpg
Versace the lengends.jpg

The VERSACE SS18 Tribute Collection, the show made a reunion of the legendary models who worked with Gianni Versace from during 80s and 90s

So, what's happening next in this super commercialised, consumer-dominated era? Will we still have a great designer just like Charles James or Yves Saint Laurent? Or the definition has already shifted to a new page, commercially successful designers will be able to keep their seats longer in the Houses, and build their archives and put beside the legends. Donatella Versace made a tribute to her brother, the great designer, Gianni Versace, to remember his fashion dedication to women, to bodies and all the glorious sassiness. When the runway music begins, the audiences and venue are surrounded by a sexy female voice: A love letter to Gianni. Then the archival pieces, the dramatic antique gold earrings, the highly recognised VERSACE prints, and the legendary models walked in the golden gowns.  Feels like the good old times are back again, the golden age when George Michael still performing the "Freedom" on stage.

The nostalgic tribute sometimes indicates a brand new reveal for the next step. Because of those legends, we will never be afraid to embrace the newness, the challenge of creating the new chapters of fashion. A new story is yet to come, and I do expect the future will be as bright as the time when John Galliano was still making those breath-taking collections for Christian Dior, when Nicholas was still surprising the world with his futuristic vision for Balenciaga. 

“You might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”